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Who We Are:

We are a friendly group of Mound and Minnetrista citizens who share a common love of Dutch Lake. We work to help improve the water quality and overall health of Dutch Lake, while strengthening the Dutch Lake community through social events with our fellow lakeshore residents.

Who We Are NOT:

We are not a homeowners' association! We are not here to tell you what to do with your lakeshore property, and we are not here to "police" the lake or solve disputes.

Our Mission

The mission of the Dutch Lake Association is to serve and represent all Dutch Lake residents through the following ways:

Association Leadership

The following people are the current officers of the Dutch Lake Association:



Dan Horak
Dan moved onto Dutch Lake in December of 2015. Dan is an avid boating, water skiing and fishing enthusiast. When Dan isn't enjoying his time on the water with his dog Kimber, he is usually updating his house, investing in the markets or focused on his day job as a Financial Advisor.





Vice President
Ron Hagen

Rons parents had moved to the lake in 1986. Ron eventually bought it from them in 2008. Ron and his family of 3 kids have enjoyed living here ever since.


Katie Hoff

Katie has lived on Dutch Lake since 1998 and served as treasurer when it was called Citizen's Concerned for Dutch Lake and also DLA.

Eva Kelly
Eva moved onto Dutch Lake with her husband John in 2011. Eva is a landscape architect with two young children. She is passionate about improving the quality of water in Dutch Lake as she most enjoys swimming and fishing!