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Who We Are:

We are a friendly group of Mound and Minnetrista citizens who share a common love of Dutch Lake. We work to help improve the water quality and overall health of Dutch Lake, while strengthening the Dutch Lake community through social events with our fellow lakeshore residents.

Who We Are NOT:

We are not a homeowners' association! We are not here to tell you what to do with your lakeshore property, and we are not here to "police" the lake or solve disputes.

Our Mission

The mission of the Dutch Lake Association is to serve and represent all Dutch Lake residents through the following ways:

Association Leadership

The following people are the current officers of the Dutch Lake Association:

Wayde Fleener


Wayde Fleener
Wayde moved onto Aspen Road on Dutch Lake in 2011 with his wife Gretchen and 2 boys. Wayde is passionate about improving and protecting our lake's water quality, and stepped up to the role of president in summer of 2014 in the midst of the flooding and sewer dumping issues to give our lakeshore owners a voice with the city.





Vice President
Dan Horak

Dan recently moved to the lake. Bio coming soon!

John Kelly  

John Kelly

John moved onto Dutch Lake with his wife Eva in 2011. John is an accountant and is responsible for the accounts and maintaining the association's non-profit status through the IRS. He enjoys boating, fishing and swimming with the kids on the lake.

Eva Kelly
Eva moved onto Dutch Lake with her husband John back in 2011. Eva is a landscape architect with two young children. She is passionate about improving the quality of water in Dutch Lake. She is responsible for updating the member list, emails, newsletter and website for DLA.